Business Strategy on the Internet Battlefield

Let’s face it. The Internet has become an important factor to consider for corporations in their business strategy development. After all, with a lot of online advertisements that can be seen on various websites, it is clear that the Internet is an online arena where enterprises, ranging from small businesses to mega corporations, compete for more

Scamming the Scammers,

I have been doing a bit of personal research into on line shopping scams recently and came across a real stinker disguised, as usual, as a get rich quick scheme, targeted at the gullible and the greedy. It all centered around the use of mobile phones to place a series of bets on sporting events that are more

Tips for Booking Accommodation Online

Nowadays people organize their entire holidays online. The advantage of this is that they can do a lot of the work that was formerly done by travel agents such as booking plane tickets, organizing transfers, booking hotel rooms and excursions and even ordering special meals for vegetarians and people with certain food allergies. Not only more

Are Bonds a Safer Investment

If the question of are bonds a safer investment has come up, then looking at private activity bonds could help you come to a conclusion. For many people the comparison between private activity bonds and other conventional savings methods will include the interest rates and how easy it is to access your savings. In general more

How to Read Online Travel Reviews

One of the biggest problems with online travel reviews is that more often than not they are not scrutinized by humans before they are published. A software program checks for flagged words such as obscenities and for spammy links and if a review passes these checks it is automatically approved. Reviews are free content and more

Financial Freedom Revealed on Local News

It never fails! Every time there is something worthy of my attention on TV, or on the news there is something else distracting me. Just last week before the commercial break I hear the new caster say, Coming up next: what is an IVA, and how can it help you gain financial freedom…. This was more

Online Safety Tips

Online safety is a big deal, especially with all the crazy viruses out there. In order to save yourself from some whiplash symptoms and bad system errors, here are some tips to keeping your computer safe, especially with your kids and pre-teens. First, write up rules for the Internet and keep them right by the more